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Best Friend in the Whole World

Roland lives a quiet life filled with books, music, and tea parties for one, but sometimes he feels rather lonely. When Roland finds the perfect companion in Milton (Good listener! Enjoys music! Also alone!), he is overjoyed. It’s okay that Milton is just a pine cone; they have so much in common.

Then clues start popping up in the woods, suggesting someone else might be missing their best pine cone friend. Roland must decide if it’s worth leaving someone else in their loneliness to keep Milton in his life.

In this sweet and moving picture book, debut author-illustrator Sandra Salsbury explores friendship, compassion, loss, and the transformative power of connection. Soft watercolor illustrations bring a charming forest and endearing characters to life.


New York Times

"Who is the ‘Best Friend in the Whole World’? After reading this sweet, sensitive tale, children can decide for themselves."

Kirkus Reviews

"Young readers will sympathize with Roland and strive to emulate his kindness to his friends, whether real or imaginary. Life lessons gently told. Lovely."

School Library Journal

"This picture book is charming in its simplicity and thoughtful in centering empathy as it quietly affirms the specialness of imaginary friends."
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